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The Brand New Standard for Modular Solutions

At Eco Planet, we are committed to delivering an amazing line-up of eco-friendly portable toilets, cabins, and other standalone pre-engineered buildings suitable for the modern-day requirements.

It’s been 10 amazing years since Eco Planet started supplying portable full-option cabins that are marvels of technology, aesthetics, and luxury. No matter what kind of event you are hosting or what type of renovation you are planning for your residential or commercial spaces, the idea of mobile cabins and toilets will address the space & time complexities and reduce extensive labor.

The One-Stop Shop for All Portable Units That Work for Today’s World

A Convenient and Practical Solution That Helps You Keep Pace With Present-Day Lifestyle. In our modern society, the idea of using self-contained toilet cabins and standalone sanitization systems has become the new normal. Eco Planet is a specialty portable security cabin & toilet cabin manufacturer in the UAE.





Speedy Construction

Speedy Construction

High Quality

High Quality

Portable Toilets UAE | Portable Toilet for Camping

Our Products

Looking for reliable Manufacturers of Portable/Mobile/Movable Toilets? Ecoplanet offers high quality Portable Toilets at affordable and budget-friendly prices. The wide array of toilet varieties, model, and designs we offer can suit any style & requirements. Find the toilet of your choice from this extensive range.

Portable Toilets UAE | Portable Toilet for Camping
01. Plastic/HDPE Toilets

Are you searching for the best quality Plastic / HDPE Toilet? The products we sell are imported from the most authentic and certified manufacturers.

Portable Toilets UAE | Portable Toilet for Camping
02. GRP/Fiber/FRP Toilets

Ecoplanet is one of the best providers of GRP/GRP/Fiber Toilets. The products we sell are fabricated under the proper surveillance of highly skilled and well-experienced experts.

Portable Toilets UAE | Portable Toilet for Camping
03. Chemical / Waterless Toilets

Ecoplanet is the apt choice for customers looking for high-quality Chemical/Waterless Toilets. We assure long durability with high performance for each product we sell.

Portable Toilets UAE | Portable Toilet for Camping
04. Prefabricated / Customized Toilets

Ecoplanet offers innovative Prefabricated and Customized Toilets. These products that are developed employing technologically latest machinery at the production premise.

Portable Toilets UAE | Portable Toilet for Camping
05.Trailer / Caravan Toilets

If you are searching for a trustworthy supplier of Trailer Toilets, you have reached the right place. Ecoplanet is one of the most reputed suppliers of Trailer/Caravan toilets.

Portable Toilets UAE | Portable Toilet for Camping
06. Modular/Luxury Toilets

Ecoplanet promises to deliver a durable and innovative range of Modular/Luxury Toilets. Moreover, we only use branded raw materials from the certified vendors for fabrication.

Portable Toilets UAE | Portable Toilet for Camping
07. Handicapped / Disabled Toilets

Confused about where to buy the best Handicapped or Disabled Toilets? Ecoplanet offers an exclusive range of Toilets that are designed for people with special needs.

Portable Toilets UAE | Portable Toilet for Camping
08.Porta Potty/Picnic Toilets

We are the distributors and retailers of affordable Porta Potty or Picnic Toilets. Ecoplanet promises timely services and aims at delivering top-notch products to our clients.

Portable Toilets UAE | Portable Toilet for Camping
09. E-Toilets

Electronic Toilets or E-Toilets are a smart and innovative solution for public sanitary needs. Ecoplanet brings you the best Automatic as well as Coin Operated Toilets.

Portable Toilets UAE | Portable Toilet for Camping
10. Bio-Toilets

Confused about where to buy the best Handicapped or Disabled Toilets? Ecoplanet offers an exclusive range of Toilets that are designed for people with special needs.

10. Container Toilets

Container toilets offer portable and convenient restroom solutions for various settings. Explore options for events, construction sites, and more.

Our Services

When your requirement for a toilet is for a short period, why splurge your money on buying it. Avail our rental services and acquire all our toilet varieties and models for rent at a reasonable price. Ecoplanet deliver our products to your Home, Office, Warehouse, Construction Sites, Venues of Events and Exhibitions. Our expert staff will assist and enlighten you on how to install it and operate it.

Plastic/HDPE Toilets Rental
Plastic/HDPE Toilets Rental

Options Available
- With Flush & Wash System
- Chemical/Waterless

GRP/Fiber/FRP Toilets Rental
GRP/Fiber/FRP Toilets Rental

Options Available
-With Water Tank & Waste Tank
-Without Tanks (Sewer Connect/Direct Connect)

Plastic/HDPE Toilets Rental
Container Toilet Retal

Size Available
-10 ft. Cabins
-20 ft. Cabins
-40 ft. Cabins

Portable Toilets UAE | Portable Toilet for Camping
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    Portable Toilets for SALE

  • 02

    Portable Toilets for RENT

Serving the diverse requirements of our valued clients with high-quality products

Lack of portable sanitation facilities is a real threat to public health and our environment. Can we imagine big events, parties, and galas having no proper sanitation solutions to meet the natural requirement of the people?

We apply our in-depth expertise to produce the most advanced and ultramodern mobile toilet units that showcase the endless possibilities of luxury and comfortable sanitation spaces at reasonable rates.

Discover The Range Of Exquisite Freestanding Toilet Units From Eco Planet:
Plastic/ HDPE Toilets | GRP/ Fiber/ FRP Toilets | Chemical/ Waterless Toilets | Prefabricated/ Customized Toilets | Trailer/ Caravan Toilets | Modular/ Luxury Toilets | Handicapped/ Disabled Toilets | Porta Potty/ Picnic Toilets | E-Toilets | Bio-Toilets
From waterless toilets to caravan sanitation units and bio-toilets, our range of movable toilets includes state-of-the-art amenities and essential features like freestanding urinals, high capacity holding tanks, toilet movers, and waste holding tanks. Never hold back your natural need to urinate or defecate and cause bacteria build-up when you have our smart mobile toilets around you.

Unlock Significant Benefits Of Our Mobile Toilets:
-Prefabricated/ Customized Toilets
-Practical Furnishing Concept
-Exclusive and High Quality Interior Design
-Environmental Friendliness
-Saves Money and Time
Redefining the Standard of Personal Hygiene and Sanitation
Buying an extra space for your existing premises or constructing brick and mortar workplaces and toilets is expensive and time-consuming. The eminent team behind Eco Planet is dedicated to transforming the portable solutions manufacturing sector by delivering innovative & intuitive portable products for our communities.
As the world’s sanitation needs evolve, our products assume new forms, focusing on three core services:

Plastic/HDPE Toilets Rental
We pride ourselves on supplying impeccable portable toilets to the hospitality, healthcare, events, oil fields, and construction industries. The accessories that are pre-installed in our mobile toilets include freestanding urinals, holding tanks, toilet movers, and a waste holding tank.

GRP/Fiber/FRP Toilets Rental
If your company always wants to send your employees to onsite workplaces, then GRP Toilets are the ideal options to set up a temporary office. Hiring a Fiber Toilet manufacturing expert like Eco Planet helps you save your money and time.

Container Toilets Rental
Diligently designed to serve as temporary sanitization and accommodation solutions for residential and commercial spaces, our office and toilet Container Cabins come in different sizes and capacities.

Why You Should Choose Our Services?
3 Key Benefits
  • Portability, Durability, and Strength at Affordable Rates
  • We Are Committed To Promoting Better Hygiene Practices And Creating Safer Environmental Conditions
  • Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Plumbing, Electrical, And Mechanical Facilities
  • Our Portable Toilets Are Great For


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are both residential and commercial Portable Toilets available?

    We concentrate on providing the best commercial and residential portable toilets and cabins to various locations as per the need arises.

    How long do Portable Toilets last?

    We believe in making our portable toilets worthy of your money, time, and convenience. Keeping an eye on these parameters, we have designed our portable toilets to last for a minimum of 5 years, and a maximum of 10 years at the least. So, we make sure that our portable toilets and related services are quality assured.

    Do you provide Portable Toilets for rent?

    Yes, we do provide portable toilets for rent. We are aware that the world, currently, is addressing the importance of eco-friendly minimalist constructions. Keeping this fact in mind, we offer portable toilets for rent to various services like construction sites, Movie/TV sets, Corporate and personal events, Sports events, Villas, and Real Estate.

    How does a Portable Toilet works?

    A portable toilet flushes and carries waste away like a conventional toilet but the waste is not transported to a sewer, instead is carried to a holding tank underneath. Portable toilets are also available without a tank, It offers sewer connect and direct connect options for using at areas where connections are available. Please feel free to contact us (Toll Free: 800 CABINS) in order to guide you better.

    What is the time requires for Portable Toilet installation?

    The time required for our portable toilet installation is very minimal. Our expert staff will install these toilets in the place you want them. Thus, it becomes a hassle-free process. All you need to do is use it as per any of the other toilets and waste disposal becomes easier through our products.

    Do you sell Portable Toilet products?

    We do sell portable toilet products apart from rentals. Our main focus is on selling the portable toilet products. The products we offer include security cabins, portable sinks, porta cabins, container office/toilet, portable urinal, portable shower, portable changing rooms, portable smoking rooms, portable ablution/wudu units, and deodorizing liquids.

    How much does a Portable Toilet cost?

    We have priced our portable toilet based on its demand as well as the requirements of our customers. As per our motto, we believe in providing portable toilets at an affordable value, which might urge more people to access our products and services. Although it depends on certain factors, the starting price of our portable toilet is AED 3500.

    Do you supply Portable Toilets in Dubai?

    Yes, of course, we supply high-quality portable toilets in Dubai. We distribute our portable toilets all over UAE (United Arab Emirates) as they are in great demand throughout any season. It is our specialty that we distribute our products and services within a given time frame, which is beneficial to our clients & customers.

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